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About Cornish Wooden Boat Building

Cornish Wooden Boat Company was established in the late 1980’s, based on the love of traditional boats and more especially wooden ones. We are a traditional wooden boat builder.

Creating in the Workshop, Cornish Wooden Boat Company

I followed in my dad’s footstep from a young age by having Sailing as a passion. Being associated with good quality joinery, it seemed a natural progression to start repairing and building wooden boats. I suppose looking back this must have been one of the greatest periods of wooden boats, and I like many others have been hooked.

Based in Cornwall, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful coast.

At the Cornish Wooden Boat Company we build boats and parts using traditional methods where practically possible but we combine these with the most modern to get the best results possible.

The main reason for using the modern materials such as tech resins is to extend the life of the vulnerable timbers to decrease the amount of maintenance that so many people have always associated with wooden boats. Also by using glues as opposed to traditional mechanical fixings the old problem of fastenings getting sick is largely eliminated.

Over the past 20 years we have built several Laurent Giles designs namely the Dabchick, Jollyboat, Kingfisher and Sandpiper. We produced these in various forms including kits, partly and completed boats.

Over recent years we have become more specialised in producing wooden masts and spars and wooden boat fittings. More recently we have further diversified into very high quality joinery / furniture for the domestic market.

Surfboard Seat Handmade by Cornish Wooden Boat Company

Bespoke Work - Surfboard Seat

We are a small company and therefore each order is personally supervised and we take great pride in our products whether it be a 60 foot mast for a luxury yacht or a simple but practical wooden cleat.

Our customers have very similar interest to us; and several have become ‘friends’ over the years sharing the adventures that they have with their boats.
Roger Davis,

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