Why own a wooden boat?

by admin | October 23rd, 2013

A question which is often asked when purchasing a boat is

‘Why should I buy a wooden boat, when there are modern methods of boat building?’

• It’s the Prestige!

Owning a wooden boat really gives a wow factor. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a well maintained boat made out of wood in the water (we love seeing them out of the water too).

People feel that they might need to be elite to own a wooden boat but sailing a wooden yacht is truly a joy that appeals at every level.


Recent Wooden Boat Built By Cornish Wooden Boat Company

• Appreciation of Craftsmanship
Changing a piece of wood into a beautiful boat is an amazing skill and one that should be appreciated. Seeing this craftsmanship out on the water moves the heart of many people.

We are very keen to keep this craftsmanship alive for others to appreciate in years to come.

• Keeping our Heritage
Seeing wood boats in the sea either for working, enjoying even war boats are part of our heritage, something we should keep alive for our future generation to enjoy.
If you are buying a classic wooden boat just imagine all the stories it could tell you about its past owners over the years, of craftsmanship and the sea.

• Love of Wooden Boats
Many people just simply love wooden boats for their own personal reasons they maybe obsess and even dream about them.
When you own a wood boat you will catch others gazing at your boat with envy. You are often guaranteed a warm reception in every port.

The photos of wooden boats should be enough to explain why you should opt for wood, we feel there is no comparison. Simply we love wood.

We would love to hear why you like wooden boats, what’s your story?

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