New Builds


If you have a dream of owning a new boat, let us help you fulfill your wishes as new wooden boat builders.  We can build to a design that you would like or we would be happy to advise you on a design from our own experience.

Over the years we have successfully built a range of  new small traditional sailing boats.  These have included the Laurent Giles designs the Dabchick, Jolly Boat, Kingfisher and Sandpiper and more recently we have built a Selway Fisher design the Heron 15.  This was the first time this boat had been made to full scale and our work was held by the designer for others to follow on this new design

.Selway Fisher Heron 15 built by Cornish Wooden Boat Company

Most of the boats we have built have been owned in the UK however we have exported our new boats overseas when required.

As new wooden boat builders we can supply the boat in various forms to fit in with your requirements including:

Starter kits for perhaps more in-experience builder
Part Complete Boats Assembled Hulls ready for home completion
Completed Boats ready to set sail

Starter Kits

Starter Kits comprise a set of bulkheads (frames) that once set up correctly will establish the exact shape of the hull.  They come accurately cut to the exact shape and size.  They are marked with a level (DWL) line and a centre (plumb) line both of which must be used when setting up the building frame.  All the cut outs for forming the thwarts, floor, cabins etc are also accurately marked for cutting at a later stage.  The only marking that is left to you is for the notching for the stringers and the keelson.  We do this because we feel that this will be more accurately done once you have bought the stringers etc locally.

Boards or planks

The boards are supplied in sets one set being sufficient to complete one hull.  They are all accurately cut to shape leaving ample room for any error that may creep in on the way.  Each piece is marked with chine numbers for ease of location and because most boats are longer than a sheet of plywood there has to be one or two scarphs in the length.  These are all accurately cut and fitted in our workshops and are marked with location lines for ease of pulling together.  Using these lines etc it is very easy to assemble on a flat surface.

Part Complete Boats

This is the simplest way to ‘build your own’.  The hull is completely assembled and therefore most of the headaches are taken care of as is a large chunk of the hard work.
Another big plus is that the area required for working is less because nearly all the work left to be done is within the hull itself.  We can also supply any other items for the boat including hatches gratings masts etc if these are found to be beyond the ability of the builder.

Complete Boats

These are built as is everything we do using materials carefully selected for suitability and quality, and the same attention to detail and pride in the job runs through from beginning to end.  Each complete is built to individual requirements and so therefore each boat is as individual as the customers themselves.
Motor both inboard and outboard can be supplied and fitted if required, as can gallery equipment, navigation lights etc in face the choice is wholly yours.

We can work flexibly to suit your expectations as new wooden boat builders.  Please contact us with your interest and we will be happy to help to advise the best way for you to get your dream boat.


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