Wooden Boat Builders, Cornwall

We are all about enjoying your time on sea and land with the most traditional and beautiful material ‘wood’.

Wood is our passion, we have worked with it all our lives but never get tired of the ever changing characteristics it exhibits. If it is tended with care it will be your lifetime friend and will always remind you of the great care and craftsmanship that has been used during its conversion into the item that you now cherish.  We are wooden boat builders Cornwall  due to our traditional skills we are not limited to working on boats we also produce beautiful  items such as furniture and wooden architect for buildings, often each piece is unique built to each customers requirements.

Wooden Mast Built For Building by The Cornish Wooden Boat Company

Bispoke Work – Wooden Mast

As wooden boat builders, we love our environment and wildlife.  We work and were possible support our local environment. All of the wood we use comes from sustainable sources, and we are very committed to recycling all parts of the wood we buy.

Our sawdust is reused by a local company for smoking fish and some are used by local stables for horse bedding. Our off cuts are used for other creations where possible or used for fire wood.

Having taken part in the Eden Project Green Foundation Project we are committed to continually reviewing our impact on the natural environment.


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