Wooden Mast and Spars

In recent years we have tended to specialise in building wooden mast and spars for boats which are built to order.  Many of these are replacements for broken masts which need to be copied exactly.  We hand make them in our workshop in Cornwall.Wooden Masts For Building Architect handmade by The Cornish Wooden Boat Company

The masts can either be solid or hollow section or hollow depending on your requirements.

Most of the masts we have made are constructed of Douglas Fir although some are made from Spruce.  We prefer to laminate the masts as we feel that this is a better option as opposite to solid timber.

Due to the skills we have from making boat fittings we can  also produce flag poles, May Day poles and bispoke wooden pole construction for buildings. Please see the photo of an example of our work showing four wooden masts poles with bispoke wooden surf board seats used for the architecture of a new building for Penryn College, Cornwall.

We can accommodate up to 50ft masts.

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